Covid testing: Where to get tested for Covid in the Bay Area ( a comprehensive guide)

Covid-19 Testing in the Bay Area

Peninsula Doctor Concierge Medical Practice

  • Available: to the Members of Peninsula Doctor medical practice (private doctor office). Office located in Menlo Park CA. 
  • Who can test: Adults & Children.
  • Fee: PCR swab Free. Insurance pays for lab processing. 
  • Type: PCR & Rapid Test
  • Process: Swab at our office and send for process at the labs near us. Currently Stanford. Rapid test is done on site.
  • Turn around timing: 24-48 ( PCR). 15 minutes rapid test

Get Evera

  • Available: in the comfort of your own home by a trained lab technician.
  • No physician order is needed.  
  • Cash or credit card pay $150.00. 
  • Additional members of the home on the same visit are $115.00.
  • They deliver the test directly to the lab and results are back in 24-48 hours.

Let’s get checked

  • Where: At-home self check
  • Who can test: Adults. No questions asked – asymptomatic tests are fine. If ordering individually there is a survey
  • Order online, one per account at a time when you order individually. 20 to unlimited when ordering in bulk
  • $119 per test ($115 if bought in bulk, 20 or more)
  • Timing: Standard mail delivery of single test collection kit 3 days. Overnight delivery of bulk test order. Results approx. 48 hours after sample is dropped-off at UPS (might be faster if you drop at UPS by early afternoon).
  • Type of test: PCR lower nasal
  • Process: Create an account and account for each person being tested. Order test kit online, mailed to your home. Register a test kit with your account. Self-administered at home. Drop off at UPS, or call for UPS pickup. Results appear online and by text.

Project Baseline

  • Available in San Mateo, Redwood City, San Jose, East Palo Alto, and many other locations. 
  • Schedule in advance. Expanded mobile testing in San Mateo County is also available, see here
  • Who can test: Adults, 18 and older, with an appointment. 
  • Cost: No insurance needed, and asymptomatic is fine.
  • Turn around timing: Generally 2-4 days for results to process.
  • Complete online pre-screen and sign up for an appointment. 
  • All testing sites are drive-through or walk-up outside.

After Hours Pediatrics

  • Available in San Mateo
  • Who can test: Children & adults. 
  • Testing available for anyone who is asymptomatic or has mild symptoms, insurance is necessary.Need to make an appointment
  • Usually available within 1-2 days (children often get same day appointments)
  • Cost – Dependent on insurance coverage.
  • Results in 2-4 days
  • Process: Call or complete patient forms & email insurance details to schedule an appointment.
  • Children are prioritized and often can get same-day appointments.

Carbon Health Mountain View

  • Location: Mountain View
  • Who can test: Adults and school age children. Asymptomatic tests available.
  • AvailabilityTypically a few days to get an appointment
  • Cost: Free. They will take your insurance details, but even if you are out of network, or don’t have insurance, they will still give you the test for free (you will have to input a credit card to secure the appointment if you don’t have insurance, but you will not be charged)
  • Timing: Same day to a few days to get an appointment, depending how busy they are. Results back in 3-10 days, unpredictable
  • Type of test: PCR lower nasal
  • Process: Book appointment online. Have to go inside the building to get the test.

El Camino Health Urgent Care

  • Location: Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Jose
  • Who can test: Testing available for anyone who wants to be tested, no age limit – asymptomatic is fine.
  • Availability: Typically a few days to get an appointment
  • Cost:Free, no insurance needed
  • Timing: Same day to a few days to get an appointment, depending how busy they are. Results back in 3-10 days, unpredictable
  • Process: Call or schedule an appointment online. Prior to being tested, you will need to be seen by one of their doctors.

One Medical

  • Who: Members of One Medical (private doctor service). Asymptomatic tests are fine.
  • Same day bookings usually available, in advance bookings also available. Not sure if only adults or pediatric also.
  • Membership of OneMedical is $199 annually. Many major insurance will cover the test costs, e.g. United Healthcare, but not all. If not covered by insurance, tests work out to be ~$90/ test, in addition to the annual membership.
  • Timing:48 hours
  • Type of test: PCR (and antibody). Lower nasal cavity
  • Process: Book online. Drive through in your car for an in-person test.

Vault Health

  • Location: At-home
  • Cost: $150 per test, individual order
  • Timing: 1-3 days
  • What type of test: PCR saliva
  • Process: Order online, test is conducted during a supervised zoom call

Pixel by Labcorp

  • Location: At-home
  • Who can test:Adults only
  • Cost: $119 per test
  • Timing: 1-4 days
  • Type of test: lower nasal
  • Process: After registering on the website you receive a test kit via FedEx/UPS. Test is self-administered and sent back to the company.

Stanford Health

  • Location: Various Bay Area locations
  • Who can test: Children & adults – age of child differs based on site. Do not need to be an existing Stanford patient.
  • Cost: insurance will cover
  • Timing: Depending on appointment availability and how busy they are – if symptomatic, testing is available without an appointment at the Alameda County site in Pleasanton.
  • Process: Create a MyHealth account or call 650-498-9000 to schedule an appointment.

GoHealth – Dignity Health

  • Location: Redwood City, San Bruno, and other locations
  • Who can test: Children & adults. Anyone with symptoms or who has been exposed to a positive case
  • Availability: No times have been available for the past several weeks, but you can register to be on a wait list
  • Turn around: Results in 15 minutes (2-3 days for antibody test)
  • Type of test: Rapid COVID test & antibody testing
  • Process: Must schedule a virtual visit first.


  • Location: At-home
  • Who can test: Adults only
  • Cost: $109 per test
  • Typical turn around: 1-4 days
  • Type of test: PCR lower nasal
  • Process: Order test online & complete online screening, test & return for processing.

Lookout Health

  • Location: on-demand
  • Who can test: Anyone without symptoms.
  • Availability: Need to book
  • Cost: Typically covered by insurance
  • Typical turn around: 15 minutes
  • Type of test: Rapid Covid Lower Nasal- no antibodies
  • Process: You book their service for a group, pay a flat fee for their truck to drive up to your location, then tests typically covered by insurance

McCampbell Analytical, Inc

  • Location: Pittsburg, CA
  • Who Can Test: Anyone
  • Availability: Same-Day appointments available 7 Days a Week
  • Cost: $450 for 5-Hour, $250 for Same-Day, $180 for Next Day Results
  • Typical Turn Around: Anywhere from 3-Hours to Next-Day depending on test purchased
  • Type of Test: RT-PCR
  • Process: Order test and book appointment online. Self-sample in your car at their lab in Pittsburg, CA


San Francisco to Hawaii ( United Airlines) to avoid 14 day quarantine.

Type: Day-of-travel rapid testing

  • Where: Administered by Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care at a testing facility located at the international terminal, Courtyard A
  • Process: customers receive notification 1 week prior to departure. Customers must pre-register to reserve their testing timeslot and obtain a test. No walk-in appointments will be available.
  • Type of test: Results are provided in approximately 15 minutes
  • Cost: $250

Drive-through testing 72 hours before travel

  • Administered by Color at a testing facility located at the United technical operations facility parking lot
  • Eligible customers will receive detailed information about the test and how to sign up via email one week prior to their trip. Be sure that you have updated contact info on file with United.
  • Customers must pre-register to reserve their testing timeslot and obtain a test. No walk-in appointments will be available.
  • Most results are provided within 48 hours
  • $105 per test

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