Concierge Medicine

In our practice, relationships matter.

Concierge medicine looks beyond coughs and colds. We take a long view of wellness, with an eye on the quality of your life in the decades to come. We’ll be more than your first stop in illness; we will be your first step in creating an expansive plan for a longer, fuller life.

It’s all about you.

Our vision of concierge care takes a whole-person, whole-life approach built on a personalized care plan that closely aligns with your needs and your goals. Once we learn about you, we then create a care plan specific to your needs. Our goal at Peninsula Doctor is to combine the best practices of medicine and wellness and offer you the care plan that will keep you healthy for years to come.

An open line
to your physician.

Our entire team is dedicated to making your experience feel highly personal and effective. We work around your schedule to meet your needs whenever you need us. Whether you prefer to communicate via text, video conference, phone calls, or in-person, we will always respond to you promptly. If you need a same-day appointment or if you need to be seen in the evening or over the weekend, our team is here for you.

White Glove

Our patients gain priority access to our deep network of respected specialists throughout the Bay Area and around the country. We’ll represent you personally and attentively, and we’ll manage all the details. With us, you never have to navigate your medical journey alone.

We Build trust with
better outcomes.

Your personal care team—from your physician, to your medical assistant, to your specialists and wellness advisors—will draw on decades of in-practice and research experience at the most respected schools and hospitals to bring you deeply informed, cutting-edge care decisions.

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Discover how concierge medicine can help you.

At Peninsula Doctor, we always start by getting to know you. Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our office. We’ll be standing by, now and always.