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Dina MirskayaDina Mirskaya

Dr. Ian Kroes has completely saved my husband’s life when he was diagnosed with two very complicated health issues. We had to see multiple specialists at different hospitals, consult with a number of surgeons to determine the sequence of surgery and treatments. Words can’t describe how grateful my family and I are for what he has done to get my husband back to his normal healthy self. The amount of time and care he put in figuring out exactly what was wrong, how to treat it, who the best surgeon was for us, 2nd procedure and post recovery process was incredible. Fast forward two years, and my husband has regained most of his health and is doing so well. Thank you so much Dr.Kroes from our entire family, we are so grateful!!

Lisa StifelmanLisa Stifelman

Dr. Kroes is an amazing doctor I highly recommend. Whether you or a family member have an illness requiring specialized care or are healthy with basic medical needs, he’s the best. I first hired Dr. Kroes for my husband who had severe MS, and was at a critical stage of his illness. I remember at our first meeting how generous he was with his time, taking immediate action to put a plan in place for his care. What followed were many visits, phone calls, emails, discussions with our home nurse, supporting us through hospitalizations, and fighting alongside us for anything we needed (a specialized hospital bed, and home oxygen are just two examples). My husband’s case was very complex with a long list of issues facing us. Dr. Kroes and his staff helped at every step. Dr. Kroes started caring for me and my daughter as well. He readily responds to anything we need, plus truly caring about us. I’m not sure how you could find a better doctor.


Dr. Kroes's practice staff is attentive as he himself is. He helped to persuade me to get the necessary vaccines. While I was on the fence, he helped me to base my decision on facts only. His staff helped to ease my mind about the needles (I happen to not like them either). Ingrid is at the top of her nursing craft, and together with Robin they work in a very efficient and supportive way. One is made to feel comfortable and at ease coming into Dr. Kroes's office. It also helps to know that you are being treated by one of the top 25 doctors in the US (thereby in the world in my mind).

Chi WongChi Wong

Dr Kroes is a great doctor. He is personable, knowledgeable, listens well, and thorough in his work. He really cares for his patients and has always encouraged me live a healthy and balanced life.

Jo MaloneyJo Maloney

Dr. Kroes is an amazing doctor. He really takes his time to find the root of the problem. He treats the whole person, and searches to find, and address any underlying issues.

He never rushes through visits, or calls. Dr. Kroes is a very caring, and kind person, with an exceptional bedside manner. He explains everything thoroughly. He is incredibly skilled, yet humble.

As a busy professional, I love that he manages all my specialists, and keeps in contact with them, so everyone is on the same page. He is a rare type of doctor that’s hard to find nowadays.

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Tricia Y.Tricia Y.

After having been a patient with Kaiser for over 40 years I was able to break free from that HMO which in my opinion it's just a giant revenue driven...Read More

J M.J M.

Truly, as good as it gets.

Dr. Kroes is an amazing doctor. He really takes his time to find the root of the problem. He treats the whole person, and...Read More

Kelly H.Kelly H.

Dr. Kroes has been the only doctor that remembered me the next time I came back. The only doctor that doesn't make me feel like a number on a sheet of...Read More

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