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Chi WongChi Wong

Dr Kroes is a great doctor. He is personable, knowledgeable, listens well, and thorough in his work. He really cares for his patients and has always encouraged me live a healthy and balanced life.

Jim FriedlanderJim Friedlander

Dr. Kroes is fantastic! He takes the time to listen, then takes the time to come up with the best solution. Plus, he's a really nice man. My highest recommendation!

Lori McCormickLori McCormick

When I first became a patient of Dr. Kroes, a decade ago, I was single and didn't have kids. He was too. We have both since married and have kids. I appreciate that we have this commonality, as it enriches his understanding of the changes in my life (his too) that affect one's overall health and well-being. As my medical practitioner, he has been on a life-altering journey with me and I value that he incorporates all of those personal factors into how he examines my overall medical records. He sees me as a whole; not an ailment that needs repair.

Dr. Kroes is attentive, patient, sympathetic, and provides a wealth of medical detail and advice. I appreciate that he takes the extra effort to ensure my medical appointments have been thoroughly explained and together, we discuss my options. He is on my "team" so to speak. It is that level of compassion coupled with his invaluable medical expertise that makes me so appreciative he is my physician. I have not only referred Dr. Kroes to many friends but my entire family is now under his care. It is reassuring to have Dr. Kroes know my husband and children's health histories, as it makes for a seamless medical visit each time.

Dr. Kroes is the epitome of Family Medicine.

Jo MaloneyJo Maloney

Dr. Kroes is an amazing doctor. He really takes his time to find the root of the problem. He treats the whole person, and searches to find, and address any underlying issues.

He never rushes through visits, or calls. Dr. Kroes is a very caring, and kind person, with an exceptional bedside manner. He explains everything thoroughly. He is incredibly skilled, yet humble.

As a busy professional, I love that he manages all my specialists, and keeps in contact with them, so everyone is on the same page. He is a rare type of doctor that’s hard to find nowadays.

Gennady YanovskyGennady Yanovsky

Let's face it, we are all busy. When it comes to medical care, I don't have time or patience to be dialing the 800 number to schedule an appointment or going online and being lost on what I need. For my busy lifestyle, joining a concierge medical practice was one of the best decisions I made in 2017. I evaluated a number of doctors and went with Dr. Kroes out of Menlo Park, CA. Dr. Kroes is knowledgeable, patient, and is a great listener. He is also a likable guy and that helps put me at ease every time I visit or talk to him over the phone. I am always able to reach him and get valuable medical input. Access and quick advise from a medical professional has worked out best for me. Thank you Dr. Kroes!

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Tricia Y.Tricia Y.

After having been a patient with Kaiser for over 40 years I was able to break free from that HMO which in my opinion it's just a giant revenue driven...Read More

J M.J M.

Truly, as good as it gets.

Dr. Kroes is an amazing doctor. He really takes his time to find the root of the problem. He treats the whole person, and...Read More

Kelly H.Kelly H.

Dr. Kroes has been the only doctor that remembered me the next time I came back. The only doctor that doesn't make me feel like a number on a sheet of...Read More

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