When I first became a patient of Dr. Kroes, a decade ago, I was single and didn’t have kids. He was too. We have both since married and have kids. I appreciate that we have this commonality, as it enriches his understanding of the changes in my life (his too) that affect one’s overall health and well-being. As my medical practitioner, he has been on a life-altering journey with me and I value that he incorporates all of those personal factors into how he examines my overall medical records. He sees me as a whole; not an ailment that needs repair.

Dr. Kroes is attentive, patient, sympathetic, and provides a wealth of medical detail and advice. I appreciate that he takes the extra effort to ensure my medical appointments have been thoroughly explained and together, we discuss my options. He is on my “team” so to speak. It is that level of compassion coupled with his invaluable medical expertise that makes me so appreciative he is my physician. I have not only referred Dr. Kroes to many friends but my entire family is now under his care. It is reassuring to have Dr. Kroes know my husband and children’s health histories, as it makes for a seamless medical visit each time. Dr. Kroes is the epitome of Family Medicine.
— Lori
I’ve had Dr. Kroes as my primary care doctor for about a year. I’ve always found him to be attentive, takes his time discussing my concerns, and certainly seems very knowledgeable about whatever I ask him about. I trust him pretty much completely - highly recommended (in fact, I moved up to the city from the valley, and still go to Dr. Kroes instead of finding a PCP up here).
— Liz
I have been with Dr. Kroes for more then 10 years, first 8 years, I didn’t bother him much, yet every time I have something surprised like all of a sudden Vertical happen, he has been so helpful. Then I understand besides compassion for patient with warm heart and smiles Dr. Kroes is very knowledgeable. I can put my life into his hand and he also become my son’s PCP, Love you Dr. Kroes. (after recently discharge from hospital)
— James
Dr. Kroes is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met and I intend to keep him for as long as possible. He takes the time to listen, understands my needs and helps me take care of my health, and most importantly doesn’t rush my appointments. While I am very healthy, I’ve had tennis related injuries and Dr. Kroes has been able to not only fast identify what the problem was, but he helped me with finding the best specialists who helped me get back on the court. He is always ready to take my call and I really appreciate that.
— David
Dr Kroes has been my husband’s doctor for years. The doctor has always been there when we needed him. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional and passionate about keeping his clients healthy and happy. You are in good hands with Dr. Kroes!
— Lydia

"The greatest wealth is health" - Virgil