David Hiroshima, M.D.


M.D., Stanford University
B.S. Chemistry, University of San Francisco

Dr. Hiroshima’s journey to medicine started in elementary school. Growing up with asthma and allergies, he was a frequent visitor to the San Bruno ER, his pediatrician, and his allergist’s offices. Though the illnesses seemed unfair at the time, they caused him to think a lot about health and the human body from a very young age. They also exposed him to a team of compassionate and caring doctors who would eventually inspire him to serve his community in the same way they served theirs.

His childhood fascinations with medicine never diminished. He chose to pursue a degree in Biochemistry at the University of San Francisco and went on to continue his education and training at the Stanford University School of Medicine. From the very beginning, he was interested in pursuing the field of family medicine because it is one of the few medical specialties that encompasses everything. Dr. Hiroshima made it his life’s calling to care for his community and be the doctor his patients genuinely trust.

These deeply held passions and beliefs led him to the Palo Alto Family Foundation, where he served his patients of many generations with dedication and commitment for over a decade.

Dr. Hiroshima was attracted to Peninsula Doctor because its vision resonates with his own view of a growing need for more intimate and personalized care. He remains dedicated to the simple and powerful conviction that doctors should know their patients, and that the finest, most effective healthcare unfolds throughout a lifelong relationship. His vision, passion for medicine, and integrity for providing the best quality of care is deeply aligned with the Peninsula Doctor team’s mission in serving our community of patients.

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