A complete concierge guide to the medical system

Priority access to a diverse network of respected specialists available for you.

We work closely with specialists throughout the Bay area and all over the country. We personally know and endorse many of these specialists. When referring you to a specialist, not only will we help you get an appointment that fits your schedule, but we will also match you with someone who will understand your preferences and match your personality. Our goal is to ensure that you receive expedited service and the best treatment recommendations possible. In the background, we speak to specialists about your medical condition(s) and send files and documents prior to your visit, ensuring that the specialists are up-to-date with your health concerns.

If you are being treated by a specialist, we will stay on top of your care and continuously communicate with the specialist(s) to ensure that all your needs are being met. If you require surgery or have any medical conditions that require planning and prioritization, we will accompany you to your appointments and help you understand the information so you can make the best treatment decision for your goals and needs.

We are your complete advocate along your health journey.

Discover how our diverse network of respected specialists can help you.

At Peninsula Doctor, we always start by getting to know you. Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our office. We’ll be standing by, now and always.

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