nutrition & weight management

At Peninsula Doctor we offer a comprehensive nutritional plan to all of our members. All nutrition programs are also offered as a stand-alone service for non-members of Peninsula Doctor.

We believe that nutrition is one of the pillars of a healthy, happy, and well-balanced life. When we meet with new patients for our initial assessment we work with each individual to understand their nutritional goals and the unique challenges they face. We understand that each patient has a different lifestyle, as well as cultural influences that affect their ability to achieve their health and nutrition goals. We work with you to create a plan around your specific health needs and desires.


Nutrition programs we offer

Weight Loss Management
Pre-natal & Pregnancy Nutrition
Diabetes Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
General nutrition to optimize energy

Our nutritional coaching includes: nutrition assessment, ongoing consulting and progress monitoring and personal menu planning. All programs are being run by our Registered Dietician and overseen by Dr. Ian Kroes


Please call us to receive more information about these programs.