Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine in the Bay Area – Dr. Kroes

Dr. Ian Kroes believes that in order to provide comprehensive medical care, it’s essential to understand your complete medical history, as well as have a thorough and respectful understanding of you as an individual. Because of this philosophy, Dr. Kroes devotes an extraordinary amount of time to getting to know you at his concierge medical practice, Peninsula Doctor.

In order to provide this high level of personalized care, you’ll pay an annual retainer to Peninsula Doctor concierge medical practice. The retainer allows Dr. Kroes to dedicate as much time as necessary to each patient based on his or her personal health and wellness needs.

Concierge Medical Care: Highly Personalized

At Peninsula Doctor, Dr. Kroes’ primary objective is to establish personal contact and strong communication with all of his patients. This allows him to build healthy patient-physician relationships in which his patients can feel comfortable disclosing health changes and concerns. With this easy exchange of information on a regular basis, Dr. Kroes is able to provide the best care possible.

As your private doctor, Dr. Kroes personally gathers and analyzes your medical history, completes a comprehensive physical exam, and performs or orders whatever diagnostic tests are indicated. As part of Dr. Kroes’ concierge program, you’ll work with our nutritionist and Dr. Kroes to determine the best diet to match your lifestyle. As part of the fitness assessment, you will work with our fitness professional to determine the fitness plan that is right for you.

If you require admission to Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Menlo Medical or any other local hospital, Dr. Kroes will work with the physicians there to fully coordinate your care. Dr. Kroes has privileges at these hospitals, allowing him to closely monitor all of your treatments and communicate with specialists to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Your Personal Private Doctor & Concierge Physician: Available When You Need Him

Dr. Kroes understands that your medical issues aren’t guaranteed to fit into a typical doctor’s office schedule. As a member of Dr. Kroes’ concierge medical practice, you are guaranteed access to his care 24 hours a day at his office, at home, as well as via email and over the phone. We guarantee same day visits for urgent health issues.

Discover the advantages of concierge medicine with one of the most accomplished doctors in the Bay Area, Dr. Kroes.

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